My new book is on it’s way!

You asked for it! It is on it's way.

A few years ago,I wrote a small little workshop book to help my  students focus during the workshop instead of having to take endless  amounts of notes.  It has only available to students who take my class  because it was not written with the general rug hooking world in mind.   So many requests for this book has convinced me that many of you who do  not have access to me workshops deserve a copy.  So, I have decided to  revise my little book into a much bigger book giving everyone access to  my work, artistic process, and rug hooking world.

I am hoping to have it ready for my workshop and exhibition at Sauder  Village in 2019.  Yes you heard it.  I will be at Sauder village Rug  Hooking week 2019.  I am very excited to offer my very popular workshop  “Finding the Design Process”.  I will also be hosting a 1 day workshop  on the importance of documenting and recording your art practice, and  will have a gallery talk on my sculpture and rug hooking exhibition  during Rug Week at Sauder.

I am planning to self publish this book and will have limited numbers  available, so if you want a copy I will be taking names.  For those of  you who would like to be placed on a list for my new book, I will be  taking names in January.  I will send instructions on how to get on the  list in January.