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September 28, 29, 30, 2018

Having  developed her own techniques for designing patterns and carrying out  processes, Rachelle is renowned for her individual artistic style and  her ability to capture meaning and mood in her pieces.
Students will  learn to translate their photograph to a 2 dimensional design, color  plan, and begin to develop their own style as an artist.
Rachelle  will walk you through her process from beginning to end so that students  leave with the ability to design and create patterns of their own.  Rachelle creates an atmosphere full of reflective learning and quiet  encouragement so that students can find their inner voice and translate  it into their own art.

The workshop fee is $475 and included the workshop book and lunches.  

There are a few accommodation choice in the area.  Reserve the rooms quickly if you can.  I will be renting a car, so do not worry if you need a ride to the workshop, I will be able to pick you up.  


Main Street Motel - Parkhill -519-518-6886

A Touch of Country - Ailsa Craig - 519-293-3867

Clock Tower Inn - Strathroy - 888-776-8515


There are also members of the community that may be willing to billet.  Contact Shelagh for more information.  


Workshop time table snapshot. 

Day #1. Workshop begins at 9:00 am. Morning. We will cover the different body proportion, positions, compositions, effective main focus, and backgrounds in design. Afternoon. We will cover color planning, painting a small example, and enlarge the patterns for transfer. Workshop ends 5pm

Day #2. Workshop begins 9:00 am. Morning. We will cover how to transform your wool, strip manipulation, and hooking techniques to create movement in your work, my dye methods. Demonstrations on how I hook and work with skin tones, clothing, and backgrounds. Afternoon. Students will continue to trace their pattern and begin hooking. Workshop ends 5pm

Day #3. Workshop begins 9:00 am. Morning. Demonstration of my finishing method called “Gallery Finish”. Students continue working on their project until 5pm. 

Workshop details for “Finding the Design Process” workshop

TEACHER will bring (supply list)  

  • Water color paints 
  • Workshop book “Artistry of Rug Hooking People” 

*The workshop book “Artistry of Rug Hooking People” is not sold outside of the workshop and is exclusively offered to students that take my workshop 

STUDENT should bring (Supply list) 

  • Participants should come with specific imagery related to the theme (family photos, landscape ideas for backgrounds, etc.) that will be used to design their rug. Photos should not be enlarged; they should be the regular size of a photograph. (for example 4”x 6”)  
  • Wool - This workshop will not only focus on design, we will also explore how we use and see color in our rugs. The color palette will be created using the color plan so please bring colors that you would like to see in your rug.

Using plain and textured wool, I will demonstrate how to dye our fabrics like we  are mixing paint on a painter’s palette. 

  • Small portable tracing light table (optional, windows can also be used)
  • Sharp Pencil and eraser
  • Small set of watercolor paintbrushes 
  • Red dot tracing paper (or preferred transfer material)
  • Water proof marker (for transferring onto backing)
  • Linen or burlap backing 
  • Wool needed for project.
  • Scotch tape
  • Rug hook, frame and scissors


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 

780-651-8819 or by email at: 



Textile artist Rachelle Leblanc will speak on her artistic process, record keeping for artists, and navigating the submission process.

All are welcome.  Lecture is free to all students registered in her class.  For unregistered guess  there is a $5 admission fee.   

Ye Olde Town Hall - 160 Main Street, Ailsa Craig, ON., N0M 1A0 

For more information, please click registration button bellow.

Workshop book available to students only

No need to take notes.  It is all covered in the workshop book.

Want me to teach your group

Yes I travel twice a year to teach rug hooking related workshops.  I find out more, send your request by calling 780-651-8819  or email me at